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Both of these options are uncomplicated and easy to follow. Note that location must be detected by your phone's GPS since Surge only suggests people near or within your vicinity. You can change your location to see other men from other places , weight, age, and other information later--as long as you have availed of a premium package. Surge not only promotes diversity within its community but it also places an importance on every member's agency. Most of the contacting features of the app are geared to be consensual and mutual.

For instance, although there is a chat function, you can't just randomly chat with other members. You must keep on swiping through the profiles. By swiping right, it means that you like them while swiping left means the exact opposite. So, the more you swipe right, the more users you like. If they swiped right on your profile, too, it would mean that you are both a match for each other.

Once the like is mutual, the chat feature is automatically enabled so you can initiate a conversation with your match. The app developers know that this system might mean that matching will take time so they have created a feature called "Power Like" where you can immediately let another member know that you like him. Each new member is given one free Power Like. However, they'd have to purchase more Power Likes if they'd want to keep using that advantage.

In cases of finding a match, the photos and videos you send via chat will immediately disappear after being viewed for security purposes. Since Surge is quite a visual app that heavily relies on profile pictures, it is obvious that the app has strict guidelines when it comes to this.

Profile pictures are reviewed and often rejected if they do not comply with the community standards.

This can allude to the fact that the app's developers have been studying the trends of online dating that they only want what's best for their community. They want clear headshots of their users only--the more HD, the better. They reckon that having a well-lit, crisp, and clear photograph of your face can increase your chances of getting more likes and matches. Say goodbye to cute animal photos, group shots, blurry or dark photos since those are the major no-nos of this app. Aside from the profile picture, you can also add five public photos of yourself and three private photos.

The rules of these photos are laxer. As long as you are recognizable in them and they don't have any explicit content, these photos can be anything--may they be nature shots or group pictures. Note that only Premium Members can access the private photos you are willing to share.

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To further personalize your profile, you can link your Facebook, Instagram and Spotify accounts. Not only will this plug your other social media accounts, but you can also give others a glimpse of what you are really like as a person.

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They can check out your playlists or Instagram feed and might find a thing or two in common. Surge is also heavily reliant on location. Your phone's GPS automatically detects your location. The app will show you potential matches based on their location and whoever is the nearest. To view men from other cities, you must be a Premium Member to manually change your location. Surge, in its very core, is a fun app with a simple premise--to find your match.

This basic tenet has dictated what features the app can offer you in a very simple and easy manner. To explain, here are some of the app's features that can help you find a match quicker:.

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Having a Power Like is a major advantage. Matching can take time. Interacting with others, even more so, since the interest must be mutual before you can start chatting with each other. Surge provides a shortcut with the "Power Like" feature. Once you avail of "Power Likes," you can use these to immediately notify the person that you like him. He, in turn, can decide immediately if he likes you back or not. Even in real life, sparks tend to wane and die out completely. Online dating isn't safe from this. Let's face it, people change, so do their decision and likes. They can unmatch with you or you with them, completely erasing your chat history.

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However, life goes on and so does swiping. Your device, however, must have a fingerprint sensor in order to avail this security measure. It is still a nice feature to have, just in case! You can turn on the private mode so your profile is only visible to others that you've liked. Surge provides absolute discretion should you need it with this feature.

With its use of cool blue and dark grey tones, the app has a unique, muted, yet still youthful feel to it. Despite Surge's tasteful and classy design, its features are not confusing and hard to navigate around at all. In fact, the app has one of the easiest usability of all the apps that we have tested. With simple features and well-organized buttons, the user experience is definitely friendlier than some.

It is available on iOS and Android version. Currently, Surge has an average of 33, Apple users and 87, Android users worldwide monthly. It takes up about MB in size. However, the app still remains lightweight and won't cause any strain on your mobile phone at all. In fact, it can run on background and still won't drain your battery too much, or cause any trouble at all.

I grew up in a very traditional era where everything is black and white and toxic masculinity is constantly shoved down my throat every single day. It is sad but I am still not ready yet. I'd like to think that I will be, someday.

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It is not the panacea to all my worries, yes. But to have an outlet where I can just be myself with no expectations and meet strangers who understand and not look at me weirdly gives me such profound relief and wonder.

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Of course, the membership fees can be quite pricey, I'll admit. However, the sense of community and belongingness I feel on Surge is definitely worth it, for me. Any publicly exposed nude or naked photos will be removed. You must be at least 18 years old to sign up for Surge. Check our Privacy Policy for more information http: Version 5. I am tremendously disappointed. The reviews that I read now seem suspect. Many eluded to the prospect of being able to talk to your likes for free in an abridged interaction. That is not the case at all. Without paying you are unable to even see the people who claim to like.

The app parameters of operation are misleading at best and deceptive if the truth where applied. Signing up is free but so what if all of the functionality of the app is inaccessible. I imagine he was allowed to contact me as a lure to get me to sign up for the paid services. Finally and very importantly, except for one person, I believe if I am recollecting properly, none of the people I was presented with was less than 3. Not exactly in the immediate vicinity. Being that I reside in NYC that is pretty telling in terms of scope and reach of this apps prescriber base.

I will be deleting this app for all the reasons mentioned and more. Utter waste of time. Thank you for your feedback. We understand you do not like that the premium is paid. But we also have a lot of other great features that are absolutely for free. Thanks to the prize we can develop and support the entire community. Surge designed and developed the iOS and Android platforms as well as the landing page, backend solution and administration.

Users are uploading tons of photos to the site, so a special semi-automatic image processing engine was developed to help cope with the growing volume. The mobile marketing department focused on growth. A combination of ad campaigns, ASO, social media influencers and other activities helped get Surge from zero to 2. Surge is currently the fastest-growing gay dating app on the US market and the most searched gay dating app on the Apple App Store.