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I never thought about investing for retirement when I was young. I lost money by not investing early. I also missed out on free money by not taking advantage of company matching on my k contributions.

I also got taken advantage of with my first credit card. I should have read the contract more carefully. Thank you for the vote of confidence Mike. We appreciate your support.

5 Money Moves for When You’re Gay and 18

It does sound like you were taken advantage of, just another reason why we need to educate the youth of today about the pitfalls of credit and help them get on a stronger path financially. Thanks for sharing your story. I can only imagine how terrifying it would be to lose my support system overnight. Like Mike, I wish I had saved more at a younger age, but my saving grace was my boss at my first job who insisted I put money into the company retirement plan.

I like the advice about getting a card with a small limit so you can still build credit but avoid temptation. Thank you for the nice words Gerri. We hope that things have changed for many gay youth, but I also know there are many out there today that still need to be determined on their own. We hope that making better financial decisions can make that a bit easier. It is true that credit cards can be a temptation especially when young and our you own.

Keeping a low balance minimal use card helps to avoid the temptation.

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I hope that people always have at least someone in their network that they can turn to, regardless of which kind of support they need. Things have changed quite quickly, but there are still many out there that have no support system and we hope that we can inspire them a bit to think ahead. It may not be top of mind, but I know for myself, it would have been a bit easier if I knew I could support myself and had the confidence to do so.

Hear hear! I am neither 18 nor gay, but these are four pieces of solid financial advice that anyone and everyone should take to heart. David I had no idea you grew up j-dub!

Yes, Mindy. I grew up a J-Dub. I learned some solid principles, but I really enjoy who I am now. I think part of that has to do with living a life of abundance and not worrying that the end is neigh.


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Leave this field empty. Basically, these actors will do what they must for the money. Our families are hidden, and our youth are pitched to the streets by shameful parents who see leading companies of the world doing the same to us year-round. LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are all rainbows, the international symbol for the queer community, in June.

Recently on Instagram, Dominique Jackson , the trans model and actress currently appearing on the hit FX show Pose , calls out a big brand for using her. She was asked by this popular, multi-billion-dollar brand to promote and take part in an event during June and was offered no compensation. Again, has corporate America adopted a gay-for-pay model? This may seem harsh, and deservedly so, but there are champions of my queer community.

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In addition, Nissan and Prudential are at Pride parades across the U. They see us as Americans. They see us as humans.